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QuickStart Guide


Run the appropriate installer for your operating system. If in doubt, the Win32 version will run on almost anything. NOTE: If you are NOT running Microsoft Windows, you will need to have Wine installed in order to install and run the program.

Accept all the defaults and click Next when requested.


OpenLobby expects that your member list will be in a tabular format with each column having a (unique) name at the top. While this is common, it is not universal. If your membership list is not like this, please reform it before proceeding.

OpenLobby screen shot

Use the "File | Open" pulldown menu to open a spreadsheet containing your membership list. OpenLobby will automatically scan the spreadsheet to determine which columns contain the following fields:

  • Postal Code of the membership
  • Federal Riding, if there is one
  • Provincial Riding, if there is one
  • Municipal Ward, if there is one
If the last three columns don't exist, the program can create them.

Check each of the four pull-down lists to make sure the column shown is the correct one. If there is no column for riding or ward information, select "Create new". Selecting the wrong column for Postal Code will result in the wrong (or no) information being loaded but selecting the wrong column for the other information will cause the wrong columns to be overwritten.

the "Update all records" box is checked by default. If you uncheck it, OpenLobby will only update member information if it is currently blank.

When you are satisfied that you've selected the correct columns, click the Update button (note: the update button only becomes clickable when a file has been opened and all the columns have been chosen).

When OpenLobby has finished updating your membership lists, it will automatically bring up a "File Save As" dialog. We recommend that you do NOT save back to the same file. Instead, enter a new name or choose a different location for it.

Once the updated spreadsheet has been saved, you can click the Exit button to leave the program.