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You've reached the best source for systems expertise in the Greater Toronto Area. eXtreme Ground provides a variety of services for your home, home office, small business, organization or enterprise. No matter how small or large, we will work with you to make your computer systems work for you.

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eXtreme Ground does it all. Whether you need your home/home office set up, custom configuration of computers, troubleshooting and problem resolution, system installation, custom programming or assistance or leadership in a project, eXtreme Ground is your best choice!

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Our name may be extreme, but our rates aren't! We offer a variety of competitive rates depending on your type of organisation. Whether you are a major corporation or a home user, eXtreme Ground provides the same quality service.

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- by phone: 416 616-9370
- by e-mail: sales@extremeground.com
- technical support: support@extremeground.com

Custom Computers

Whether you operate a small office/home office or are a major corporation, your business needs reliable and fast computers. eXtreme Ground custom-designs business computers to fit your needs.

Using only the finest components, eXtreme Ground builds computers that make your buiness run better. Some issues to consider:

  1. all-in-one motherboards are cheaper and more reliable than systems with separate components while providing good performance for business computers.
  2. Gigabit ethernet speeds up your network for about the same price.
  3. RAID (redundent array of inexpensive disks) means your data is still safe even if a disk drive fails.
  4. SSD (solid state drives) provide blistering speed for local program and data access.
  5. full-size cases with large, quiet fans helps keep components cool to improve their reliability and lifespan.
  6. a properly-sized and efficient power supply unit protects your computer while reducing operating costs.